When I’m in the mood

Writing is a funny thing and I think everyone has a different way of working.  Writer’s Block is quite normal I feel, it depends on you how you best get around it or over it.  For me I just accept it and leave things alone that day after reading a bit of what I’ve written previously.  I know if I’m in the mood or not to write and if I push myself to write, like some people do, it tends to be stuff that I don’t like and then delete when I’m properly in the mood to write.

Currently I am in a writing mood and will use every moment I have spare to get something written but feel that what I’m writing has the chance of lasting (perhaps with one or two amendments along the way) and it is all useful.

Obviously everyone has different ways.

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New to blogging

This is all quite a new experience for me as I’ve never blogged anywhere before.  I suppose it is quite exiting seeing if there is anyone out there who reads what I’m writing.  What sort of things or topics do people write about???


David E. Merrifield

When Research is hard

I’m trying to do some research for a novel I am writing and have tried to approach 3 people who I believe have information or stories that I could use.  Obviously I’ve already done a lot of the hard work identifying them in the first place but I’ve found that a couple of them either don’t believe (like I do) that they have anything useful to tell me or are unwilling to get involved.  Not quite sure how I persuade them otherwise!!!

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